My Friends Rock

I know I’ve said this before, but my friends rock. I know what you’re thinking—“Who did they beat up at a charity event this week?” While some of my friends and family did participate in the Race for the Cure last weekend up in Indy, there was no violence involved in that outing.

This time, instead of one big, drama-infested episode of homeschool mom-delivered justice, my friends rock because of a bunch of little random things they’ve done over the course of the last week. (And, boy, did I need it.)

Last Sunday, my friend Heidi gave me what is not only one of the coolest things anyone has given me, but also the gutsiest. Heidi got me some fancy-pants undies from Victoria’s Secret with note attached that read: “Moody, I just *dare* Hubster to see a scar while you’re wearing these!!” Now some of you might think that’s odd, but let me just say that when you’ve been sliced and diced like I have, you appreciate these things and the people who understand how you’re feeling.

On Friday morning, when I got to co-op my friend Kelley, who also happens to be my Avon lady, gave me a goody bag with all kinds of soap, lotion, nail polish, etc. plus coffee, and best of all, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser—too funny. (If you’re confused by that, you need to read my post from 4/19 regarding removal of prison tattoos.)

Then Friday night another homeschool mom, Shaunna, who I really don’t even know all that well, brought me flowers and a card. That one about made me cry because as I said, we really don’t even know each other that well and it just floored me that she’d do that.

All of this has me feeling a little bit like George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life. No, not when he’s being led around by an angel named Clarence finding out what things would be like if he’d never been born—but at the very end, when all his friends bring him fancy underwear and Skin-So-Soft—oh no wait, that’s MY story. In the movie, George’s friends rally around him and to help raise the money he needs to keep the Savings and Loan alive. (Put that in your juice box Mr. Potter, you old coot!)

That’s how I feel—like all of my friends have rallied around me in my time of need. They just so totally rock.