Dr Beer-Hurray

I don’t have a whole lot of time this morning because I’ll be going back to Indy, AGAIN today. However, I know some of you were waiting to hear what I found out yesterday, so I’ll give you a brief summary. Met with Dr. Birhiray—that’s pronounced Beer-Hurray! I tried to get an appointment with Dr. Coffee-Hurray! but he wasn’t taking any new patients. Heh heh. I really like Dr Birhiray because he laughs a lot. I know, you’re probably thinking, “THAT’S your basis for liking your chemo doctor? Moody, you laugh a lot too, but you ain’t no oncologist.” Yeah, but laughing is one of my favorite things to do—really. Plus, it’s good for you. In fact, my new motto is “Laughter is the Breast Medicine.” Anyway, I have to go back to Indy today to have a MUGA scan to make sure my heart can withstand the chemo they want to give me. A MUGA scan involves shooting radioactive junk into your body and then watching how your heart works. I’m thinking if this kind of thing keeps up I’ll be my own nightlight pretty soon. They couldn’t fit me into the schedule yesterday while I was already there, so here we go again. If all goes well, I’ll be starting chemo next Tuesday. When you’re as young as I am, they pull out the big guns and do what they call dose-dense treatment. I’ll do treatments every 14 days for the next 16 weeks. I’ll post more later…including a description of the joys of MUGA scanning…when I’m back home.

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