There’s something funny about saying you need a MUGA scan. Maybe it’s because it sounds like something you might expect late at night in Central Park. Or maybe it’s because it makes you remember all those yo mama jokes you used to know. Yo MUGA so ugly, she made an onion cry. Yo MUGA so skinny, she hula hoops with a Cheerio. In my case, is was more like, Yo MUGA so short, she models for trophies. Seriously, I think it took longer for them to set the IV than it did to do the actual scan. Short, easy, relatively pain-free. Word to your MUGA…


On Wednesday, I had to run up to Dr Schmidt’s office and have my sutures removed. While I was in the building, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to visit the boutique. The boutique has all manner of breast cancer accessories, like wigs, fake boobs, bathing suits for you and your fake boobs, hats, scarves, etc. For the fun of it, I decided to try on wigs. Now, the funny thing here is that I’d just about decided not to get a wig, because I was getting so stinkin’ tired of be talked to about wigs. Really, when you’re facing a mastectomy, temporarily losing your HAIR is the least of your concerns. But, as I said, curiosity got the best of me, so I visited the wigs. Of course, there were NO curly wigs. Apparently no one has curly hair but me. And, there were no long wigs, except for one that was platinum blonde. I did however get to try on the hairdos of some of my family members. Particularly disturbing was trying on my Aunt Phyllis’s hair—not because it’s bad hair, but because I LOOKED JUST LIKE HER! Very strange for me indeed. One that I did not try on was the skullet. Made to wear with a hat, it only had hair hanging down on the sides, with just straps across the top. I don’t know who would think this was a great idea because in my world it would just be a recipe for disaster. I’m thinking I’d rather just be bald than be walking around with my fake hair, and have a gust of wind snatch my hat off to reveal Gallagher’s hairdo. If there had been a free Sledge-O-Matic to go with it, I might have reconsidered.


I will be starting chemo on Tuesday. In anticipation of feeling crummy, and because I’ve been running around so much that housework has fallen by the wayside, I’ve been trying to catch up before my treatment starts. Preparing for chemo is a whole lot like getting ready to go on vacation: I’m trying to get the laundry caught up, trying to figure out what I want to take with me…except that when I go on vacation, I’m usually not so concerned about making sure the toilet is spotless in case I end up with my head in it. I hope it’s not *that* bad, but I’d rather scrub that toilet now then regret my slothfulness later. Thanks for the continued prayers and encouragement. I don’t post every day because I don’t always have something to say, or I’m gone, and also because sometimes I’m just tired of talking/writing about it and I just want to do my normal life thing as much as possible. But I do check my comments often and really appreciate your posts.

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