About the Hair

It’s day 10 of the Ultimate Chemo Challenge, and I have to say this whole thing is kind of anti-climactic. They gave me a bunch of info at Dr. Birhiray’s office (that’s pronounced Beer-Hurray! for those of you who may be new here) detailing all of the possible side-effects of chemo. Included are things that everyone associates with chemo, like nausea and vomiting, and also a list of other great side-effects like mouth sores, craggy skin, etc. However, I’m feeling pretty darn good. No mouth sores, no craggy skin, no projectile vomiting. Is this all you got, Chemo? Sheesh! Chemo-Schmemo–what a bunch of hype!I’m sure that there are some folks who do suffer all those horrible things described in my literature, but I am fortunately not one of them. At least not yet. Yea me! The first 4 days or so are the worst, and even those aren’t all that bad. The biggest side-effect is probably fatigue, but that’s getting better every day—and gee, I’ll probably be back to my normal energy level just in time for next week’s chemo.


About the hair…
I still have my hair. Each day I tug on a little piece of it to see if it’s ready to fall out. So far it hasn’t. When it does start to fall out I will shave it off. My plan is actually to hack it off and donate it to Locks of Love, a charity which provides wigs to children who have permanent hair loss due to a variety of medical conditions. Mini Me has decided to cut about a foot of her hair off to donate as well.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve heard a lot from well-meaning folks about wigs. Especially with the older ladies, it seems to be the most traumatic aspect of my whole ordeal. Note to everyone: I’m way more concerned about killing CANCER than I am about having to be bald for a few months. Furthermore, I’m also more concerned about losing a piece of my body which will not grow back than I am about losing my hair, which will. Okay, I feel better now, let’s move on.


At chemo, I had to take a shot in my gut to boost white blood cell production. The shot alone costs $3600. No I didn’t add an extra zero. Is that crazy or what? What does it have to be made from to cost so much–the venom of a microscopic spider that produces only one drop’s worth every 150 years? Anyway, my friend Angie has been in the hospital with salmonella since Monday. Now, in theory, my immune system is all suppressed and I’m not supposed to be exposed to a bunch of germs, so I was not allowed to go to the hospital. Yeah right. I’m thinking, “Hey, I took a $3600 shot in my gut, and I’m gonna get my money’s worth.” So, I went to the hospital anyway. I had Mini Me open all the doors so I didn’t have to touch anything, and I didn’t get within 6 feet of Angie, plus I slathered on the hand sanitizer for good measure. Guess what? I’m just stinkin’ fine.

I’m starting to feel more like my stubborn self all the time. Yea me.