Live…From Chemo…

Live…from the chemo floor in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana….it’s Tuesday afternoon!

Join me as I get my drip on like some kind of cancer-fightin’ superhero. Raaah! I may post a couple of different entries, just because when the steroids hit I’ll be all cross-eyed. Then when Hubster gets back with lunch I’ll be stuffing my face.

My day started up here with being stuck in the waiting room with a lady who spoke way too much. She wasn’t even talking to me, thankfully, but it was still so tiring. Very mopey, wanting to whine, and yet try to spin it as encouraging to another lady who is here for the first time and very scared. I wanted to say, “Clue, Lady, it’s not cool to tell scared newbies about so-and-so who DIED from breast cancer!” Arrgghh!

To be continued when I’m no longer cross-eyed…

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