They say that after chemo, your hair sometimes grows back in a different texture and color. Most often it grows back curlier than before. But, you know I’m such a rebel, I just had to grow mine back straight—and purple—as you can see in the new picture. Came back pretty quick, huh? Actually, that picture was taken Saturday, at the party my girlfriends threw for me. Aren’t they the coolest? The new hair is a ball that the kids & maybe the dogs had maimed to the point of having a gaping hole that I could stretch over my head. (Remember what I said about doing anything for a laugh?)

I’m standing in front of a banner Sissa made that says “Gettin’ Wiggy With It.” She and Angie and Molly put their heads together to throw me a super fun cookout, complete with lots of food, plenty of friends, crazy hats, and the added excitement of a trip to the emergency room for Molly’s son, Brandon. Believe it or not, the trip to the ER didn’t even have anything to do with the trampoline or the fire pit. Fortunately, that happened a while before the party was to start, and once patched back together, Brandon still got to partake in most of the festivities, including use of the aforementioned trampoline and fire pit.

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