God Treats

Many of you have heard me refer to what I call God Treats. God Treats are happy little surprises that God provides just to let you know that He knows you well (and still likes you in spite of it) and hasn’t forgotten about you. They’re not generic, but usually pretty specific to your particular likes and wants. They’re not basic things that you need…they’re extra little goodies that you want and enjoy. Hence why I call them treats.

Last week, I had two such treats, both by way of friends who were unsuspecting instruments of God.

A tiny bit of history, for those who may not know…I’m a foodie. In fact, I’m a little snobby about my food most of the time. No pre-fabricated vittles here, no Ma’am, only that which is made from scratch, using things like real butter and no MSG thankyouverymuch. However, this chemo has me craving, curiously, that goopy substance commonly referred to as nacho cheese. (Yeah, I don’t know why either.) I hadn’t voiced this craving to anyone. I’d simply savored my ballpark pretzel–or at least I’d enjoyed using it as a carrier for the much coveted nacho cheese goo.

On Wednesday after my last treatment, Molly called and said, “I’m coming out, what do you want for lunch?” I told her the only thing that sounded good was a baked potato, so she promised to bring taters and sour cream. End of conversation. Lo and behold, when she arrived what to my wondering eyes should appear from her bag o’ groceries? Nacho cheese. She said, because she was almost sure I’d turn my nose up at it, “They had these buy one, get one free…I didn’t know if you’d want one or not.” Want one? *swoon* Did I ever! That, my friends, was God Treat number one.

Then, on Sunday morning I was getting ready for church. I whine to Hubster, “I need some summer shirts” as I’m trying to figure out what to wear. Now, it’s not like I’m running around naked or anything, so maybe saying I “need” them was a little strong. But, sometimes your wardrobe just needs a little jumpstart–and especially when you’re bald and all of a sudden you have to totally change your style to match your head or your funky new cowboy hat.

Fast forward to me at church running into my friend Diana who tells me that her daughter is cleaning out her closet and they brought me a couple of shirts. HELLO! God Treat Alert. Is that cool or what?

So, thanks to my friends for allowing themselves to be used by God to give me the little treats that perk me up. And thanks to God for not only providing the basic stuff, but the fun extra stuff, too.