Gee, I’m going to have to post the weekly chemo craving EVERY week! Check out the bigger-than-my-head cake that Mom’s friend Bette made me—and let me tell you, it’s darn tasty too! Bette does this sort of thing for a living (you can even check out her website at and when Mom told her about my birthday cake craving, she whipped up this big mamma jamma, from scratch, complete with buttercream frosting. Mmmmmm. Bette’s my kind of cook. In addition to that cake, I also got to sample part of Brandon’s birthday cake. By the time I got to church on Sunday and found out that Brenda had also made a cake, I was starting to think that while I enjoyed the cakes and the thoughts that went into them, I wasn’t quite sure I really needed to eat my weight in birthday cake. At least not in one weekend. Besides, if I kept eating cake, I never would be able to eat my ever-increasing weight’s worth anyway.

Fast forward to today when my sister-in-law calls and tells me she has some mysterious something to drop off. I thought to myself, “Oh no—another cake!” Well, as it turns out it was not another cake (Thank you, Jesus) but instead a flower arrangement that my other sister-in-law had ordered with the intention that Hubster, who was out of the office today, would bring home to me. Since he wasn’t there when she called, she had SIL #1 pick it up to bring to me instead. Very nice of SIL #2 to think of me, and SIL #1 to be the delivery girl.


Friday we went up to the Covington area to spend some time at T’s folks’ house. He and Hubster spent time mountain biking with T’s new bike while Molly & I hung out in the sun, canoed, and chatted and the kids swam, fished and generally ran amok. T’s Mom fed us supper and his dad cooked breakfast the next morning. Even though I normally love to be doing the cooking, it was just really nice to kick back and relax and let someone else do it for a change. After the bad week I’d had, going up there was just what I needed.

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