You’re probably all wondering where I’ve been.

Well, I’ve been processing. I’ve been mentally processing the information from my meeting with Dr Schmidt last Thursday, as well as processing items that I’m canning here at home.

First, about the medical stuff…I knew I was going to require another surgery, specifically a mastectomy on the left side. While that doesn’t thrill me, I’d pretty much dealt with it. Originally, Dr Schmidt had said his plan would be to do immediate reconstruction. That, however, was before my last surgery. Because he couldn’t get clear margins, and because of that second cancer spot on the opposite side of the breast, he now wants me to do radiation following the mastectomy. That means I can’t have immediate reconstruction. Just call me The Unaboober. Go ahead and laugh, you know it’s funny.

Also, because irradiated skin and tissue don’t stretch well, I won’t be able to have the relatively quick & easy procedure where a little inflatable tissue expander is placed under the chest muscle and gradually stretched to accommodate an implant. Oh no…that would be way to simple now wouldn’t it? You know what I always say: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth going over the top with. So, in keeping with that motto (what was I thinking when I picked that one, anyway?) I’ll now get to have a reconstruction procedure which involves taking muscle, fat and skin from my back, detaching it on one end, wrapping it around and attaching it to my chest to form a nice little built-in purse to hold an implant. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Now you understand why it’s taken me the better part of a week to process all that.

Okay, so on to the canning. I got this watermelon that was about the size of a school bus the other day, and decided to try making watermelon rind pickles. It was either that or add on to the house with the leftover rind, but I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get paint to stick to the inside of it. The thought of white walls was too much to bear, so I made pickles instead. I’m not a big fan of food coloring, but after the pickles sat overnight they looked more like pickled compost than anything edible, so I added green to try to make them look a little more like food. Now they look like pickled leprechauns.

If you read my post of August 8th about wanting to get my head signed by Tony Dungy (and if you haven’t, you need to go back and read it—consider it prerequisite to reading the next couple of paragraphs) you know that I was unsuccessful in my quest. However, my good friend Susie—famous for her role in the Rumble at the Relay (see my entry from April 12th)—appeared on my doorstep Friday afternoon fresh from Colts Camp with a copy of Dungy’s book signed as follows:

To Moody,
Keep your eyes on the Lord
Romans 8:28
Tony Dungy

She had kept Mini Me for me while I had my appointment with Dr Schmidt, so when I picked Mini Me up Thursday night I told Susie about all my new information. She thought I could use a little pick-me-up, so she got the book and had it signed. Does Susie rock or what?

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