Hair on Fire

Dr Birhiray prescribed some stuff that was supposed to help combat the hot flashes I’d been having. Hot flashes, for those of you who haven’t experienced them, involve a sudden spike in body temperature, and profuse sweating giving you the sensation of having someone light your hair on fire. The major difference between regular hot flashes, and those induced by chemo is that with regular hot flashes you actually have hair to mistakenly think is aflame.Anyway, this stuff he prescribed seemed to be my friend at first…the hot flashes weren’t waking me up all night long. However, as the week progressed, I noticed some side effects. The most significant thing was a shooting pain in my head, not unlike being repeatedly hit upside the cranium with a hammer. I thought, “I don’t need this stuff! If I want to feel like this all I need to do is talk to Mini Me about keeping her room clean.”


Attempting to breathe water is not a fun thing to do. I’m trying to drink my daily allotment of water, and I think I just tipped my glass back and poured a big ol’ swig straight down into my lungs. This was followed by a huge gasping, choking fit. Good grief! I’ve got to be the only person alive who can nearly drown while typing a blog entry.


One Response to “Hair on Fire”

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