I’m feeling pretty good here on the 10th day after the end of chemo. Yesterday I worked at the dairy making fresh mozzarella and string cheese—and let me tell you that’s one hot job when it’s 96 degrees outside. Then I came home and we worked in the garden planting the fall veggies for a couple of hours. More hot. I somehow made my knee angry, got bit by a horse fly, and bopped on the back by Hubster who nobly killed the horse fly when it came back for seconds. (Though he darn near knocked the wind out of me in the process)You would have thought that I’d have slept through anything after all that, but I woke up from hot flashes at least twice. This morning I got up late and had a very hard time waking up, even after a liberal application of coffee to my brain. I think I just don’t bounce back as easily right now. Of course my body is in the process of trying to rebuild from the chemo and it’s probably thinkin’ “Like I need one more thing to do—dang! Why can’t you lay up on your butt like a normal cancer patient?”

I know you’re all on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I canned today. Well, it’s not anything nearly as exotic as watermelon pickles. Today’s canning project was grape jelly. Mmmmm. It’s exciting for me because this is the first year we’ve have enough grapes to make jelly. In fact, I only picked about half the grapes because the other half of them has been taken over by hungry hornets. I like jelly, but not enough to risk getting in a fight with them—I know I’d lose that one. Even a bee suit (and I do have one) wouldn’t save me! Those things are hardcore. I’m hoping that maybe they’ll go home after dark and I can pick those grapes—if not, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with the eight pints of jelly from the first batch. 


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