October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course you already knew that because there is no escaping it. While there might be a remote tribe of Amazonian jungle dwelling people would aren’t “aware” I highly doubt it. They’re probably all sporting the official pink ribbon spears and loincloths.

The whole pink ribbon thing has indeed raised awareness. It’s also made it socially acceptable to talk about breast cancer. Money has been poured into research, which I have personally benefited from. But lately it’s been downright oppressive to me. Everywhere I look it’s pink ribbon this, and pink ribbon that. Pink ribbon bathrobes, pink ribbon snack cakes, pink ribbon shoes, pink ribbon batteries—I think I even saw pink ribbon broccoli at the grocery store. They all say, “Hey, I know you were off in your own little world browsing the coffee aisle, but don’t forget—you’ve got breast cancer!”

I’m sure the marketing guys for these companies are loving this. Folks are buying their products based of their desire to do something for the cause. I can hear it now, “Oh, look Edy’s has their limited edition breast cancer awareness Pink Ribbon Swirl with Palpable Lumps! Let’s get that so Moody will know we care!” Here’s a little advice, folks: If you want to show love to the breast cancer survivor in your life, make it personal. Simply sending a card (preferably a funny one) means way more than you buying the official pink ribbon package of Double Stuff Oreos.


Surgery News:
My surgery time has been moved to 9:15, instead of 11:30 on Tuesday October 9. The good part is that will be two hours less I’ll be starving. The bad news is I have check in at 7:15, which means I’ll be leaving about 5:45. Oy! I’ve been told that my 23-hour observation period will begin after I get to my real room, about 2 hours after surgery. So, that means I won’t be getting out of there until probably noonish at the earliest on Wednesday.


Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words. You are all such a blessing to me. Now I need to ask you for your prayers. Obviously, my emotional well-being needs all the help it can get. Also, please pray that my pathology report will come back such that I won’t be required to do radiation. If I don’t do rads, then I’ll be able to have the easier reconstructive surgery. Finally, I will be having another MRI (on the right) after I’m healed from surgery, so please pray that it comes out clear or else I’ll be doing this whole thing over again on the right side.