Homeward Bound

Good Morning! It’s a little after 8:00 am as I type this, and I’m ready to go home.

Okay, scratch that…it’s now a little before 9:00, and I’m ready to go home. Just as I finished typing that last sentence, nurse Debbie came in and freed me from my Magic Legs—these sleeves that went from ankle to above the knee, kneading my legs like a giant cat. At first, I didn’t mind the Magic Legs, but they soon got on my nerves because they attached me to the bed via their air hoses. They also made me quite hot. Though I was perfectly capable of walking, I had to call the nurse to go to the bathroom. The purpose of the Magic Legs was to keep me from getting blood clots since I was laying in bed, yet if I wasn’t attached to the bed by the Magic Legs (which I soon nicknamed the Black Magic Legs) I would have been up and about. So when offered the chance to escape, I immediately dumped the computer for a chance to brush my teeth and wash up.

I’m feeling pretty good. The only thing I’ve had for pain is Tylenol. I really haven’t hurt that much. In fact, I’d say that so far I have less pain that I did with my last lumpectomy.

I have two drains that look like little clear hand grenades attached to aquarium tubing. They’re currently pinned to my tank top and I can tell already that I won’t be able to easily hide them. Okay, everybody sing along…
Oh, my drains hang low. And they wobble to and fro. I can’t tie them in a knot, ‘cause they’re pinned up to my clothes. They hang from near my shoulder, like a hand grenade shaped boulder. Yes, my drains hang low.

Right now we’re just hanging out and waiting for the physical therapy people, and Tana from Dr Schmidt’s office to come by. After that, I should be able to head home. Thanks to everyone who has called—I had 4 phone calls before 8:30 this morning, not to mention the ones since then. Also, thanks for all the prayers, and visits, and offers of food and anything else I need. You guys rock.

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