Carol Brady

I know there are probably some of you who are a little upset right now. You were anticipating that last Saturday, amid much fanfare, the Foobhog would emerge to look for his shadow. I tried to wake the Foob up early to take advantage of the first rays of morning sun. However, the Foob is not a morning person. Not at all. In fact, the Foob refused to budge, mumbled something unintelligible, and pulled the covers up over his head. In my most soothing voice I attempted to coax him out, “But Foobster,” I implored, “your fans are waiting! I’m getting comments on the message board, and emails asking for you. People are suffering in your absence. Please come out and look for your shadow.” The Foob, perturbed by my persistence, threw off the covers and said in his snotty French accent, “Zilly woman! Zee Foob does not awake before 9 AM! Because you are zo inzensitive to wake me up zis early, I will not go to see zee zhadow! Now be gone!”


Today is my surgery day. The good news is that when I talked to the lady from the surgery center, she told me that I could indeed eat breakfast. Not dry toast, but a real breakfast. Woo hoo! This is almost as exciting as when Dr Haerr told me I could wear deodorant! Of course, I had to do this at 6 AM. Which meant I got up about 5:40 to cook myself some bacon & muffins. The other good news is that both tea AND coffee are considered clear liquids, as long as the coffee is black. So, I’m drinking my usual quota of coffee, and plan to make some sweet tea to take with me to drink until my 11 AM beverage curfew.


I had Tabytha trim my hair again. Now I’m sporting the Modified Carol Brady ‘do. Remember when she had the cut that was shorter on top and sides, and then kind of longer and wispy in the back? Well, that’s sort of what I’ve got going on, except her hair was blonde and straight, and longer, and mine is brown and naturally curly, and shorter. So, in essence, it’s the same, and yet completely different.


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