My Name is Nobody

So, now that I’ve got this new fangled blog, I feel like I need to fill it up. Right now, it’s kind of like a house with not enough furniture—it just doesn’t feel quite like a home yet. I have been adding a few things though, including the link over there on the left where you can sign up to receive an email when I update.

This new home is in a different neighborhood. The old one was in a small town where everybody pretty much knows everybody, and no one locks their doors. The new home, however, is right smack in the middle of the city. Everybody and their 3rd cousin is wandering around here. And just as in a city, we need to be a little more concerned about safety. That’s where I need to ask for your help. I know all you folks who’ve followed me from Carepages feel like you know me, and it’ll be very tempting for you to call me by my real life first name. Please don’t. As you you’ll notice, I don’t have my name anywhere on this blog. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that I’ve given the child a pseudonym, and I’ve already edited the comments that addressed me by name. Don’t let that stop you from commenting, though. I LIVE for comments…comments and coffee. If you really feel like you want to call me something, call me by my big city pseudonym: The Moody Foodie, or TMF.


I have been informed that I have a mullet. This from none other than my loving hubby. I said, “That’s right. It’s business in front, Carol Brady in the back, Buddy.” Can you feel the love? People assure me that my hair looks nice, but really, what are they going to say? It’d be pretty rude to say, “Dang! I wish you’d hurry up and grow some real hair!” I think it’s walking that fine line between dorky and cool most of the time, but I figure that with big enough earrings maybe it will look purposeful enough to fall on the cool side of the line more often than not.

By neccesity, my motto throughout much of this ordeal has been “If you can’t hide it, decorate it.”

One Response to “My Name is Nobody”

  1. Sweatin' Susie Says:

    Let me tell you, I don’t think TMF has a mullet, her hair rocks, everyone loves the short look! It’s sassy! I mean I’m the bud that starts all the brawls everywhere we go, and she looks like she can kick some serious booty, and yet can look sweet.
    We maynot be losing weight, but gosh are we having fun mocking others. Laughing at the way people look from the rear on the “arc climber” and then there is “running man”.

    I have had to beat men looking at the FOOB and his master as they leer through the window at the Y. I’m thinin’ yeah were working hard (LOL) and not losing, but having fun is really worth it! Exercising with the FOOB has been interesting especially when he escaped and flashed himself to “hubby”, I laughed until I almost peed myself (and let me tell you every two miles is a pee break time). Now we have this contest “who can hold it longer”, so far were tied, but one cough or a laugh about “Running Man” and his portable CD player with “Loverboy”, “Boston”, “Journey” or perhaps the “Bee Gee’s” doesn’t make it easy not to pee! FOOB is hilarious to exercise with, while his master tries to be all serious, it always turns to laughter.
    The FOOB Rocks, and hey I don’t have any weight loss advice since we are in the same boat, and we don’t have calves, we have cows! How did you describe it today, place some flint between our thighs and we’d have a bonfire in 2-3 strides. Yep, that’s us, buff! We ROCK!
    By the way your Chemo brain isn’t that bad, I haven’t noticed it much…but then again with each pregnancy you lose memory, so we know mine is gone! we are young alzheimer people, we laugh about driving round in a convertible with our depends on (probably in 5 short years).

    Love ya FOOB….workout tomorrow! I’m the slave driver! (LOL)

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