Gettin’ our Blog On

You may have noticed the little badge over there on the left sidebar. Yes, having been spurned by my very own mother, I have resorted to an artificial means of keeping my self-esteem intact. So, In The Pink is participating in it’s first ever blog party. Of course, The Foob was full of all sorts of helpful suggestions. Lounging in his smoking jacket & ascot, he he declared,“I think you zhould rename zee site ‘Zee Foob: A Journal’ or perhaps call it ‘Foobelicious: A Blog About Zee Foob’ and make zee picture of zee Foob bigger. Zee people want zee handsome Foob. Now, go make me a zimmamon latte.” Anywho, basically what that means is that we’re linking to a site and other bloggers are linking to the site, and hopefully we’ll get some new visitors and they will too. So, please join me in clicking on the badge and checking out the participating blogs. You never know, we might find one that my mom will actually subscribe to.

Blog Party

Hey there all you blog party surfers!  Welcome to In The Pink.  I’m your host, The Moody Foodie and over there on the sidebar you’ll see a picture of my persnickety prosthesis, The Foob. This blog began as a way to keep folks I know IRL up to date on this pesky breast cancer thing I’ve had going on for the past year or so, but don’t let that cause you to run the other direction.  We’re not all about The Cancer here at In The Pink.  On the contrary, The Cancer is just another circumstance that provides opportunities for some great stories.  No, not inspirational stories.  This ain’t Cup o’ Soup for the Cancerous Soul—it’s more like Deep Fried Snickers for Your Soul.  We’re talking funny stories, like the one where I got flashed by the crazy lady at the doctor’s office, or the time I got to try on my Aunt Phyllis’s hair in the wig shop.  You can even find out what I used a lint roller for during chemo, and how I feel about pink ribbon broccoli.  Does that sound like more fun than you can shake a stick at, or what?