In Between

I have naturally curly hair.  This was great when it was longer, and it wasn’t really an issue when it was super short.  However, in these days of in between, there are moments which are downright scary.  Particularly disturbing is the current effect of going to bed with wet hair.  While I haven’t been able to bring myself to photographing the hideous result, I ran across a picture the other day that looked a whole lot like me with my gone-to-bed-wet hair:

Look! He’s even got my double chins!

 Having seen my gone-to-bed-wet hair, Mini Me and Hubster might even be convinced that this is indeed a picture of me, were it not for two obvious anti-Moody clues.

Clue Number 1: I hate turtle necks with a burning passion.  Hate them.  Even if they are the color of a Hershey bar.
Clue Number 2: My coat with the big, fur collar is not naugahyde.  Other than that, it is identical to the one in the picture.

In an effort to combat the boofy head, I recently got a flat iron.  In my minds eye, I could envision straight, spiky, kinda punked out hair.  However, in reality, the result was more like this:  


Fortunately for me, there are a few products in the world that will wrestle my hair into sumission, including, but not limited to Crisco, Plaster of Paris, Liquid Nails, Magic Shell and Fructis Power Putty.  The basic routine goes like this: Towel dry hair, resulting in that finger-in-the-light-socket look.  Place into palm a good size glop of one of the aforementioned products.  Rub hands together to distribute goop evenly, and finger comb hair into the desired shape.  Let air dry.  (WARNING!  Do not attempt to blow dry hair.  Blow drying may result in look number one, above!)  Gently finger comb hair to remove crunchiness while maintaining desired shape.


Results may vary.

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