Elementary, my dear Watson

My bloggin’ friend TC made an astute observation regarding the milk carton picture of The Foob.  In her comment on that post, she noted that he looks “like a Cabbage Patch Kid in that picture on the milk carton.”  A veritable Sherlock Holmes, she is.  Nothing gets past her keen powers of observation.  If Einstein were a homeschool mom, he’d look like TC—that’s the kind of brilliance we’re talking about.  In fact, I model my homeschooling after her pioneering work at the North Texas Academy of Cheez-Doodles, where she has developed an accelerated learning program for students who are pursuing a career in the retail arts. 

That picture was, indeed, cropped from an old family photo of The Foob.  In simpler times—back before he became famous and too cool to associate with his cousins anymore.  Before fame and the adoration of millions dozens did something to him.  Before he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, and back again.

Good eye, TC.

(I will bake a cake for the first person who can tell me how to go about putting a border around my pictures so that the text doesn’t butt right up against them.  Crikey!  I’m about to lose my mind tyring to make this look nice.)

***Sweet!  Thanks for the tip, Jaybird.***