A while back I submitted an entry for the Under Armour Undeniable Survivor contest.  According to the website, they were looking for three BC survivors to become representatives for the 2008 UA Power in Pink Campaign.  So, I thought what the heck, I’ll submit an entry.  After all, writing is kind of my thing, right?  Problem was, they wanted me to write my “story” in 1000 words or less. Oh yeah, and it was supposed to “illustrate why a physically active lifestyle is so vital to a healthy life with or without cancer.”  And, they were looking for examples of “undeniable courage”.

First of all, you know how word limits chafe me.  After all, it was the 4000 character limit that drove me from my former blog home.  Secondly, who are we kidding?  I’m no super fitty.  Not to mention that I could either write my BC story, or write about the physically active lifestyle thing, but 1000 words did not give me enough space to write about either of those well.  I did try to weave it all together in 1000 words—I even mentioned my blog.  But undeniable courage?  Not so much.  I guess I just have a hard time saying “Look how undeniably courageous I am” when the truth is, being told how brave & courageous I am totally makes me squirm.

Yesterday I received my official rejection letter.  As rejection letters go, it was a good one.  The lady even told me how funny the dragon boat entry was.  I guess they weren’t looking for undeniably funny, though, since I didn’t make the cut.  (And really. how ironic would it have been if I’d become “the face” of somebody’s promotional pink-o-rama?  You’d probably all be posting comments telling me what a sell-out I was.) 

It’s just as well, because I don’t know that I qualify as having “undeniable courage”.  It’s not like I killed a gator with my bare hands, dyed its hide Komen pink and made a set of luggage out of it.  I’m just, you know, living.  Nothing exotic.  No undeniable courage goin’ on.  I did open up the fridge the other day and smell some undeniable spoilage, though. 

Does Arm & Hammer have a contest I can enter?

6 Responses to “Rejected”

  1. Mary Creger Says:

    I hope you got rid of the undeniable spoilage from your fridge.

  2. Theresa Says:

    Well, undeniable humor helps one to be courageous so that ought to count!

  3. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Yeah, I’d WAY rather be undeniably funny than undeniably courageous any day.

  4. amandalinn Says:

    Oh, I asked for undeniable humor but I mumbled and ended up with undeniable tumor instead. DOH

    I told the doctor I didn’t need those biopsies because there was no point. So to speak ha ha ha, I added. No one laughed but me.

  5. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with people not appreciating cancer humor. I remember last summer I went dress shopping, and when the clerk asked if she could help me, I said, “I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and I’m trying to find something that goes with bald.” I even said it with a chuckle and a smile, which I thought would indicate that it was a JOKE. Her response? Nothing. She just looked at me, expressionless, and then moved on to another customer.

    Gee, tough crowd. At this point, I thought, “Hey Lady, I’m FUNNY over here….and you need to be laughing at my jokes, if not because you find them funny, then at least as a customer courtesy.” Sheesh!

    It’s so hard to find good help these days.

  6. Debbie Says:

    I just found your blog and your sense of humor is amazing. I have to agree with Theresa, humor equals courage a lot of the time. I suspect the winning entries — while inspirational and undeniably important for lots of people to hear — won’t be nearly as entertaining as your entry was.

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