Rejection Revisited

I appreciate everyone’s kind comments in regard to the Under Armour deal.  Y’all are just sure that my entry must have been the funniest, most entertaining piece of writing since my post about the potential of mobile blogging.  In reality it wasn’t.  Not because I didn’t have anything marvelously hilarious to say, but because I was supposed to write my “story” in 1000 words or less.  My best writing usually involves taking single events and expounding on them—painting murals across the minds of my readers like a blogging Michaelangelo with phrases such as “bald sweaty cancerness” and “Oh, look Edy’s has their limited edition breast cancer awareness Pink Ribbon Swirl with Palpable Lumps!”  Not trying to condense the drama of the past year or so into 1000 words.  It was really hard to make it interesting, let alone funny. 

But, there’s another factor that played into the selection.  The official rules stated that the winner would be decided 50% by the essay and 50% by the photo the entrant submitted. 

Maybe I just don’t have that “power in pink” look that they’re going for.  Or maybe I just look like a fritter eater.  Probably not the image that Under Armour wants to portray.  After all, the slogan is “power in pink” not portly in pink, or pudgy in pink, or Pete’s Pride poured into pink pants.  Between that and the fact that I’ve *only* been a survivor for a year—and there are some folks who wouldn’t even give me that long because they don’t consider a person to be a survivor until after treatment—I think I was pretty much doomed to fail. 

Curse you Under Armour But it’s okay, I’m not bitter.  I’m sure that the winners are not nearly as witty as much more deserving than I am, and I hope their moisture wicking undergarments are entirely too tight congratulate them.

3 Responses to “Rejection Revisited”

  1. Theresa Says:

    You never fail to make me laugh. Thanks.

  2. Sarah S. Says:

    You crack me up. They will probably pick someone who looks like a model! Humpf 🙂

  3. salnix Says:

    LOL…I love it. I know others who got the same letter. BTW – too much wicking causes yeast infections hahahahahaha!

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