The Breast Cancer Bagel: Would you like that sliced and toasted?

Mini Me is at her high falutin’ harp class, and I am hunkered down with a decaf iced caramel latte at Panera.  The free wi-fi provides me the opportunity to do a little writing, but don’t be surprised if it’s full of a lot of annoying typos since this is the busiest Panera on the planet, and I can barely hear myself think.

Being the middle of September and all, it’s kind of like pre-October, so Panera already has their breast cancer bagel on the menu.  I think this is already starting to be like Christmas, where the advertisng starts earlier, and earlier each year. 

I had one of the Pink Ribbon Bagels at last year’s Race for the Cure, and I have to admit that they’re pretty tasty.  However, I think the Race is the ONLY place I’ll be eatin’ those puppies.  They’re free there—at least if you’re wearing a pink shirt—but in real life they cost $2.45.  For a BAGEL.  I suppose a certain percentage of that goes to Komen or something, but really, a two dollar and forty-five cent bagel?  That’s real charitable of you, Panera, doubling the price of the product so the customer is the one who does all the donating.

I think that BC survivors should get their pink ribbon bagels for free.  I mean, sheesh, Panera, if you’re going to exploit me, the least you can do is feed me.  “Breast cancer survivors—show your scars, and get your pink ribbon bagel FREE!  (Cream cheese not included.)”    I’d be all over it.  I ain’t proud.  Shoot, I’ll even show you my non-BC scars if it’ll get my coffee for free.

And speaking of pink ribbons…I forgot to bring the camera with me tonight.  I intended to bring it so that I could snap some pictures of some of the great pink ribbon products I saw last week at Target.  How about you?  Have you seen any amusing or ridiculous breast cancer awareness stuff?  Please, get a picture and email it to me at  I really, really, really want to have a whole collection of these to post in October.