Retro…or Just Plain Wrong?

Is 80’s hair back in style?  Not late 80’s ginormous hair.  I’m talking about late 70’s, early 80’s hair.  The kind that required a big comb be stationed in the back pocket of your Jordache jeans at all times.  I ask because my hair appears to be regressing, and I’m hoping that its new look will just happen to be coming back in vogue.  Otherwise, I’m going to look like I never left 1983, or at least never wanted to. 

 As we all know, I’ve been through more hairdos in the past year than most people have even had since 1983.  Yet, I’m doomed to look like an outdated dork unless my 7th grade hairstyle is suddenly somehow trendy again.  Sometimes, I think that bald wasn’t so bad after all.  At least when you’re bald, people usually grab the clue that you didn’t actually choose to be that way.  Even when your hair is first growing in, it’s pretty obvious that you just finished up chemo, so you really don’t feel like a dork. 

 However, once you get a few months down the road, it’s not so obvious anymore.  Makes you feel like you need to wear a sign at all times explaining that your head is a work in progress.  “Please excuse my light bulb hair—6 months ago I was bald.”  I’m way past the light bulb stage now, but my five inch long locks have their own set of issues.  They’re at the place where leaving them curly results in Richard Simmons hair.  Yet, trying to straighten them requires more patience than I would have even if I used my entire life’s allotment.  Besides, I’m a homeschool mom, remember?  I’m running on the half cup of patience I had to borrow from the next door neighbor as it is. 

 Lately, I’ve been trying to use a round brush the approximate diameter of a can of pork and beans to create a sort of in between look.  I’ve found that if I round brush it under while drying, what I end up with after some goop and manipulation is a sort of generic Everymom look.  That’s okay, I guess, but I recently decided to try round brushing it up instead.  In my mind’s eye, I was envisioning some kind of cool retro flip thing.  What I ended up with instead was my 7th grade hair, except instead of being parted in the middle it’s parted on the side. 

Maybe I should just own my 80’s hair, regardless of whether or not it’s actually back in style.  You know, I could just jump right into that whole look with both feet.  After all, it’s no big deal to starch my shirt collar up, right?  And, I’m sure I can find a pair of penny loafers somewhere.  If only I still had the purple parachute pants that went with that shirt—dang it!  Because, of course, I’d still fit into them, right?  I mean, my driver’s license says I still weigh 118 lbs, and that’s an official government document, so it MUST be right. 

Now, you might be concerned that I’d be an embarrassment to my family, but fear not.  Why, Hubster still has a pair of Eastlands.  He never has quite left the 80’s himself.  And just the other day I taught Mini Me how to peg her jeans.  We’re all set!  Look for us next time you’re out and about….we’ll be the ones drinking New Coke and driving a K car.

6 Responses to “Retro…or Just Plain Wrong?”

  1. Mary Creger Says:

    hey…just get it cut and in spikes! Then add some orange and purple…you’ll be all set.
    I kept my white hair but it is spikey! Some tell me that I actually look younger~~who do they think they are kiddin’? I know I look old but spikes do beat out just growing in from bald. Bald was concenient though..hmmmmmmm

  2. Caffeine Says:

    I love the collar up. It is coming back in style I just know it. Well, I myself have had two haircuts in two years. I must say my hair doesn’t seem to be getting any straighter. I have been tempted to just shave it off. Because I have been there and bald was kinda fun. And you are so right .. now that we don’t look like we had cancer treatment and yet I don’t look like my old self… I do find myself wanting to explain what my hair goals are. I too lived through the 80’s in New Jersey the big hair capital… and here I am bringing back the big hair..

  3. Mary Creger Says:

    I meant to say “Bald is CONVENIENT” not concenient which I don’t think is even a word but it is a typo. You managed to get through 6 months without having to get a hair cut…treat yourself and go get it cut and styled. Get a manicure and pedicure too and then you’ll really feel pampered. :>)

  4. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Actually, it’s been a year–6 months to light bulb stage, and another 6 months to 80’s hair. And, I’ve had four haircuts, not including the 2 times I shaved it when it first started growing back in. There’s really no style this short that I want, so I’m just trying to let it grow, other than maintenance trims.

    I’m trying to get Mini Me to bring back the pegged jeans among the younger set. Strangely, she’ll peg them at home, or to amuse her aunts, but not when she’s actually amongst her peeps. Can’t imagine why. Oh, and I’ll be interested to see if TC weighs in on whether or not NJ is truly the capital of big hair—those Texans are mighty proud of that kind of thing. But I will definitely give you that NJ is the capital of big haired men.

  5. Garlic Sis Says:

    Speaking of, that would make a great blog post: big haired men. Michael Bolton, Al Pacino, Elvis…. so much material.

  6. Ryan Says:

    I LOVE it! Being an 80’s child I still get kind of worked up when I see a woman with big hair, sorry, can’t help it; it was the look I learned to love as a puberty-ridden young man. Pegged jeans should have never went out and you have to wear Eastlands with those — no socks, of course.
    Actually, your hair is pretty much like these two teen queens’:
    Guess you are a little fox now!!!

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