Pink Ribbon Overload: The Purses

Today’s item is one of several sent to me by my friend TC of Fish in My Hair.  Apparently, this is a kit to make your very own purse out a piece of polar fleece.  That’s great, because every time I have a tamoxifen-induced hot flash, I always wish I was lucky enough to be wearing an entire suit made of polar fleece, right down to the accessories. 

But, you know, it just didn’t seem complete to me.  I kept thinking, “But what about my change?  It’ll be rattling around in the bottom of my pink ribbon purse, which will cause me way too much stress when I go to purchase my plethora of pink ribbon products.”  And so, I found this great little number—the pink ribbon coin purse.  And, yeah, that’s right, it IS made from a sock.  I’m all classy like that.  Thanks for noticing.

3 Responses to “Pink Ribbon Overload: The Purses”

  1. Candy Says:

    OK. Now THAT is hideous.

  2. The Moody Foodie Says:

    You really think so? Because I made you one for Christmas. Oops.

  3. katbur Says:

    And posted on my birthday, no purses, no purses, no purses

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