Pink Ribbon Overload: If You Can’t Take the Pink, Get Out of the Kitchen

Sometimes, pink ribbon products sneak home unnoticed.  I present Exhibit A: The Pink Ribbon Broccoli.  I picked this up at the store on Friday, but didn’t notice until Monday that it’s breast cancer broccoli.  Mmmmm!  That sounds almost as yummy as Tanya’s breast cancer soup!  If I can find some pink ribbon Velveeta, we’d be all set for some breast cancer broccoli cheese soup.


We also have Exhibit B: The rare albino pink ribbon edition Kitchen Aid Mixer, as submitted by Jennifer.  I say rare because Kitchen Aid is well known for its pink, really, really pink product line.   Jennifer noted, If you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even realize the ribbon was there, no pink mixer, no excessive pinkness on the box….Maybe this is the way to do it, you can feel good about the pink ribbon purchase, but aren’t constantly reminded about the cancer every time you use it.  And, if you are gift-giving, it can be kind of like, ‘I donated to the pink ribbon in your name, and I got you this mixer as a token of their appreciation.’  Kind of like Save the Whales, but with the added advantage of a mixer instead of a paper certificate.” 


 Hey, I’m all for free kitchen gadgets.  Now all I need is that ribbon shaped cake pan


2 Responses to “Pink Ribbon Overload: If You Can’t Take the Pink, Get Out of the Kitchen”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I think they totally should have dyed the broccoli pink – you know…. to bring the message on home.

    Oy. What’s next.


  2. Gretchen Says:

    Just FYI… The lady that runs D’Arrigo is a breast cancer survivor. She was pink ribbon proud before it was cool to make everything pink. If your store has always carried Andy Boy broccoli you have been supporting Breast Cancer research for years without knowing it. And they probably could manipulate the genes to make broccoli pink if they wanted to.

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