Pink Ribbon Overload: The Final Chapter

Finally, we come to the final installment of pink ribbon overload.  Yeah, I know it’s only a week and a half late.  What can I say?  I guess you get what you pay for.

bottle In the cake pan post, we discussed some of the plethora of awareness ribbons and their corresponding causes.  In fact, there are more causes than colors, so the causes all have to share ribbons.  It can all be a little overwhelming at times.  I mean, you see so many pink ribbons, and maybe it’s like saying corncorncorn over and over—it loses all meaning. Pretty soon, you might be asking yourself, “What does that pink ribbon stand for again?  Is it bagel awareness, or piggy bank awareness, or lip gloss awareness, or what?”  Well, friends, never again will you forget what the pink ribbon stands for when you score a pair of these babies.bottles

 How’s that for some visual aids?  Huh?

 Now that we’ve all refreshed our memories, let’s talk Christmas.  After all, it’s right around the corner, and what better way to show someone you care than with a pink ribbon lava lamp?  lava-lampNot only is it bright pink, but the ribbon is somehow magically suspended inside the lamp.  And, for that added festive touch is has glitter swimming throughout.  Just think how groovy it would be to have this thing reminding you about your cancer.  Fire up the pink ribbon incense!

 But what do you get for the cancer girl who has everything?  You know, the one who already has the sock purse, the lava lamp, and the blow dryer?  It’s a struggle, I know, coming up with cancer related gifts for those hard to buy for gals.  Madge may have the pink ribbon spoon holder, and she may have the nightlight, and even the thong, but I betcha she doesn’t have one of these:


That’s right, it’s her very own pink ribbon cement truck.  If the pepper spray didn’t do the trick, now she can off cancer Sopranos style—by a pair of cement shoes.card_christmas_large_lg

Of course, since we are approaching the Christmas season, we also need to be thinking about Christmas cards.  I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.  In fact, I hang them all in my kitchen as part of the holiday decor.  But why send just any old card when you could send this one!  Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you want to forget you’ve got the cancer, right?  You could even write something  festive inside, like, “Dear Madge, Merry Christmas, I didn’t think you’d live to see it—hope you’re still alive this time next year!  Your Friend, Eunice.”

 (Thanks to Tanya, who totally made her hubby do a u-turn to snap the cement truck pic.  And also to Carissa for the lava lamp, and TC for the Christmas card.)

4 Responses to “Pink Ribbon Overload: The Final Chapter”

  1. McMullens Says:

    I like to make my own greeting cards. There is a website that I visit that has card-making challenges daily–new technique challenges, color challenges, sketch challenges, etc. During one week in October, we were to use pink in every card because of “the cancer.” So, I obediently complied. I even made a Christmas card with a pink Christmas tree. But I promise to send you a card with the traditional red and green colors!!!

  2. katbur Says:

    Love the message in the card. I considered not sending them last year because I just was too busy but then I realized that if I skipped it people would think I had “the cancer” again.

  3. The Moody Foodie Says:

    I’m not totally hatin’ on the color pink. Say, if you put pink with some chocolate brown or something, it looks right spiffy. I just really don’t want pink ribbons on my Christmas card. So, if it just has a pink tree, well, you go right on ahead and send it to me this year.

    Eunice is so very thoughtful, isn’t she?
    You’re right about sending out cards, or any part of the usual routine for that matter. Sometimes I think people are sitting around just watching for a behavior change they can attribute to the Cancer.

  4. Faye Adamson Says:

    You all sure give me a different way of looking at all of this Pink Stuff. I am and always will be the gal in camo…dont think I would switch from desert or green camo to pink camo if I got cancer…

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