Home Again

Hey there folks. Just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery went fine. If you’re looking for a witty post today—this ain’t it. My brain is still kind of idling in neutral from the anesthesia. In fact, at the beginning of this sentence I typed “mean” instead of “my brain”. Yeah. I’d say the old synapses aren’t quite firing as normal yet. But the surgery was no big deal—as a matter of fact, it was so boring that I slept through it. I have a little pain now and then, but nothing bad at all. And I haven’t even taken any pain meds. Nonetheless, I am still prohibited from operating heavy machinery for the rest of the evening. I’m pretty sure that includes the washing machine.

Anywho, thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes. It’s nice to know that you all care. I mean, after going through six surgeries with me, I figured you might be like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…another surgery…I am SO over your medical drama already. Why don’t you write something funny?”

4 Responses to “Home Again”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Great! Glad to hear all is well…and you’re funny even if you’re not trying. The heavy machinery also includes the vacuam and that’s FOR SURE! Enjoy some R&R. Curl up with the rejected foob and some hot cocoa and let the synapses take a nap. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. McMullens Says:

    We’re glad your surgery went well and that you are home safely. (That ice was nasty!) Hope you get to feeling better real soon.
    Jim and Lorie McMullen

  3. Faye Adamson Says:

    Welcome home…rest assured that most of us never tire of reading your writings….you brighten my day!

  4. Mary Creger Says:

    The dishwasher, dryer, stove, oven and maybe even the microwave all come under “Heavy Machinery”. Someone else may have to do every little thing in your house today and maybe even tomorrow!
    My prize arrived today! Thank you. I love the magnets and will certainly enjoy the cookbook. My friend and sister, who helped me through my cancer and continues to spoil me, loved the magnets.
    I am glad that your surgery went well. And that you have had minimal pain. You deserve that after 6 surgeries!

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