Another Visit with Dr Beer-Hurray

Picture taken on my previous visit in November.

Picture taken on my previous visit in November.

I had my quarterly appointment with Dr Birhiray last week.  Believe it or not, I actually look forward to this even though the minimum wait time is an hour and I have to be both weighed and have a blood draw.  The blood draw is getting to be progressively more difficult, because I only have one usable side, and that side’s kind of worn out at this point.  Last time, after the arm was a great big FAIL, they actually had to use a little chemo needle in order to draw blood out of my hand.  It was great!  As soon as she finished, I said, “Thank you ma’am, may I have another?”  She told me, no, that I’d have to wait until next time, and I pouted all the way home.  That’s how much fun it was. 

 So, anywho, in spite of all that, I still look forward to my appointments with Dr B.  Part of this is because he’s just plain fun, which is a very good quality for an oncologist, especially for MY oncologist.  And part of it is because he actually reads my blog, and he mentions it every time I visit—so, he’s totally speaking my love language.  Awesome. 

 Occasionally, Dr B has other doctors following him around the office.  I’ve never figured out if they’re full-fledged doctors, or doctors-in-progress, or what exactly it is that they’re doing.  Perhaps they’re learning how to be a good oncologist, in which case they’re in the right place.  At any rate, other than the fact that they get to see my boobs (and really, is there anyone in the medical community who hasn’t seen them at this point anyway?) they don’t really have any bearing on my visit.  This visit was one of those times that Dr B had a tag-along. 

 I don’t remember his name, except that it started with an O….OompaLoompa, Obadiah, something like that.  So, anyway, Dr B comes in and introduces Dr Oklahoma, then proceeds to ask me how I’ve been doing, if I have any questions or concerns, etc.  In the meantime, Dr Okinawa is standing off to the side perusing a stack of papers, which I assumed might have something to do with my medical history.  Finally Dr B says, “We’ve been reading about you.” At which point I look over at Dr Okey-Dokey who is chuckling as he shows me what is actually in his hand—print-outs of my blog.   Since I’m nothing if not narcissistic, that totally works for me, and I decide right then and there that I like this Dr Odometer, even if he is the eleventy-seventh stranger to see my boobs in the past 2 years.

 As it turns out, the post they’ve printed off is not the current one, but the one from January 14th.  I said to Dr Oleo, “That’s not the latest post.  You’ll have to check out the current one later.”  I also told him I’d be blogging about him—so Dr Onomatopoeia, if you’re out there, it was nice meeting you—sorry I don’t remember your name, it’s that memory thing we talked about, you know.  Maybe Dr B needs to put me on Ritalin after all. 

 Then, in one of the most amusing moments of my visit, (second only to the raging fun I had being weighed) Dr B starts talking about my blog and refers to my “cancer journey”.  I bust out laughing, and tell him he needs to read the latest blog post.


Some of you may remember the posts from this past July when my nephew’s best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident.  At the time, I wrote two entries chronicling the events of that week.  I’ll be adding the final installment of that story after the first two, dated the same week.  If you care to read it, you’ll find it here.

7 Responses to “Another Visit with Dr Beer-Hurray”

  1. Mary Creger Says:

    Glad that your visit with your doc went well. It’s exciting to think that you (and I) get to go for visits without getting poked for anything more than a blood draw!
    Your journaling of the Kid’s funeral is awesome. I could feel the emotions that I know spilled over all day. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to that child.

  2. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Yes, indeed, I am very glad to only be poked once per visit these days. I am also glad that they’re taking liquids out instead of putting liquids, poisonous liquids, in.

    In regard to the funeral, I really could never convey all of the emotion. But I do what I can.

  3. Karen Says:

    I am a Birhiray addict myself. Mary I believe you have been in contact with my mom Brenda as well. I think Dr. B is heaven sent. No if’s and’s or but’s. I will be 5 years free in Sept! My daughter loves, loves, loves all his ‘pointy shoes’. Continued health and love to you all!!!

  4. Brenda Anderson Says:

    Hi Mary: We “met” on the FIN site a few years back when I was on there almost 7 days a week trying to cope with Karen’s dx and all were so wonderful to me, just as a Mom/ caregiver. And as for the wondermous Dr. B…heaven sent, God inspried and the best blessing ever to anyone fortunate enough to come into his path…even though that path means you are dealing with cancer. He was THE most promising element in the war Karen fought so well. I hope all on FIN are well and that you Mary, continue your journey with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Love to all who post and read here.

  5. Judy Salmon Says:

    Mary – I LOVE your blog and I too, am a HUGE FAN of Dr. B!!! I have been his patient since last fall and actually found your site when I was looking for info on him!! Thank you for your great sense of humor and sharing it with all of us. I would love to join the fan club for Dr. B on Facebook but am having trouble locating it. I just set up my account (primarily to see Dr. B’s club) so I am not very adept at getting around the site. Any help to locate it would be very appreciated! Thanks again for the great blog!

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