A Little Sensitive, Are We?

Had the following comment posted today in regard to the Pink Ribbon Fairy post:

“Bryan Smoak Says:   How grand. I am the artist of this work and was pretty surprised that you would put this in a negative light. Let me clarify a few things for you. I only get 25% commission on any item sold from this line. Of that commission, I donate ALL, every dime of my commission to the cause of breast cancer research. I not only donated that, but my creative talent, time and marketing as well. Since you seem to be pretty good at bashing things that are going for a good cause…I challenge you to do better. Try to make a difference in saving lives, instead of ridiculing those who are attempting to make a difference…in their own way. FYI, the image here, stolen as it is, needs to be removed as you do not have permission to host it here as I own the intellectual property rights to this image. Take it down immediately.”

Dear Bryan,

Your wish is my command.  The image has been removed.  Seems ironic to me that someone who claims such altruistic motives for advancing the cause of fighting breast cancer has no problem whatsoever bashing a breast cancer survivor—me.  I guess it’s all about the big picture and not the individual, huh?  I realize that having your work criticized is probably offensive to you, but let me assure you that this image is highly offensive to me, and many other survivors.  We’ve had breasts removed, and really the last thing we want to see is some big boobed fairy to remind us that we don’t have those (or if we do, they are reconstructed—which is not the same) any more.

I do commend you, however, for donating the proceeds.  I’m glad to hear that you are truly doing that and I apologize for my snarky comment in regard to it.