Pink Ribbon Overload: It’s Scoopable

I know there’s been all kinds of speculation as to what the pink gloves are really used for.  Well, my friends, I think I’ve figured it out.  It’s not for doing self-exams, or for gardening, and you’re not even supposed to milk ‘em in spite of the fact that they look like udders.  Nope.  They are, in fact, made to be used in conjunction with the pink ribbon kitty litter submitted for your perusal by our friend Ryan. 

 Well, I’ll be darned!  And you thought your cat didn’t give a crap about your cancer.  

 And, hey, whenever you’re scooping lumps out of the litter box, that pink ribbon on the jug will remind you to look for your own lumps by doing your monthly exam.  Although, I hope you’re cleaning the box out more than once a month.  “Safe and Powerful Odor Control” only goes so far, you know.

7 Responses to “Pink Ribbon Overload: It’s Scoopable”

  1. throwslikeagirl74 Says:

    What is it with cats and breast cancer. First the cat chow, now this. Heh.

  2. Ryan Says:


  3. McMullens Says:

    I was at Office Max today and couldn’t help but think of you. You should have seen how many “Pink” products there were!

  4. Nunya Says:

    Today I was at a jewelry fair with a friend who’s sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We were looking at all of the really cool jewelry and trying to decide what to get for ourselves and what to get for Christmas gifts when my friend stated, “Oh, I think I’ll come back and get that for my sister.” As I turn to see what cool piece she’s chosen for her hip 20-something sis, I see this ginormous, shiny, flavor-flav size pink ribbon pendant. I mean this sucker had to be 5 inches tall and I’m thinking, “okay, so your sis is stuck doing chemo and talking to her three doctors, her friends, her family and strangers about cancer every day and you think she wants to wear a giant “HEY CHECK OUT MY CANCER BLING EVERYONE BOOYAAA”? My bet is to go with something she would’ve liked before cancer, because although chemo may have temporarily jacked up her sense of taste, I doubt it has affected her taste in jewelry.

  5. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Throws~I thought of you when I posted this. Clearly, in spite of how aloof cats may act at times, they really do care.

    Ryan~Uh…Thanks. I, uh, always knew I could count on you…to, uh, poop on my cancer…or something.

    McMs~Yes, it is EVERYWHERE.

  6. The Moody Foodie Says:

    You get a prize for posting not only one of the funniest comments I’ve ever gotten, but also one that summed up my own feelings very well. In fact, if I didn’t know you weren’t me, I might think that I’d written that—except that I AM the sister with the cancer, albeit not a 20-something. And my sisters have the good sense to know better.

    I suspect that the next time you see your friend, she will be sportin’ a ribbon shaped welt where her sister has busted her upside her head with that thing. Fo shizzle.

  7. Wendy Says:

    I don’t buy Cat’s Pride anymore. Tidy Cat is more expensive, but I won’t support the all-important Pink Ribbon(TM).

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