Colts Camp

Welcome to a very long post that has absolutely nothing to do with cancer. If you only visit here because of your keen interest in medical junk, move along. If, on the other hand, you just like reading my stories, please continue.*************************************

This has got to be my favorite bald picture yet.

Because Hubster is a Rose grad, we got an invitation to a dinner during Colts training camp. I thought it might be fun. Hubster, who has no interest in football in general, and only mild interest in the Colts—which is more by association with all the Colts freaks he works with than by any effort on his part—couldn’t go because of a church board meeting. However, we didn’t figure that out until we’d already sent in our RSVP. So, I ended up taking Hubster’s boss’s wife, who is a HUGE Colts fan. She is, in fact well past the point of normal fandom. Though we told everyone we were going to “dinner with the Colts” we didn’t know if anyone would be there other than Bill Polian, who was speaking.

Now, if you know me, you know that there aren’t too many famous people that I would really get excited about meeting. The only one I’ve ever gone out of my way to go meet was Cowboy Bob when he was at the Indiana State Museum. Other than that, I couldn’t care less. But here we were, going to dinner with the Colts, and I know that my companion has her Super Bowl program she’ll try to have signed, and I’m thinking, “Gee, I don’t have anything to get autographed…unless…” That’s when I decided to try to get my head signed. With a blue Sharpie. Heh heh.

I was specifically hoping to get my head signed by Tony Dungy. After all, we kind of look alike these days. Plus, I have a lot of respect for him. I also wanted photo documentation of the whole head-signing process, so that I could post it here. I think there’s just something about having a big bald chemo head that makes you kind of bold. Or at least it does if you’re me. Besides, I really don’t plan on being bald again, so this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

Alas, it was not to be. Bill Polian was the only member of the Colts organization at the dinner. And while he was an interesting speaker, he’s not head-signing material. See, I told you I don’t get excited about just any old famous person.

Now, about that picture.
Prior to the dinner, we went to the practice field to watch the team practice. If you live anywhere around here, you know it’s been stank nasty hot lately. Bill Polian commented that the heat index on the field was 116 degrees. As we were sitting there, sweating (it’s amazing how profusely one’s head sweats without hair to soak up the liquid) these guys show up. How their face paint wasn’t melting off, I’ll never know because folks, those suits they’re wearing are made of polar fleece! Crazy! People were taking their picture, and I said, “I’ve got to get my picture taken *with* these guys” because that’s way more fun than just taking a picture *of* them. And there I am. And it’s my favorite bald picture to date. Yea me.

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