Hair I Am…18 Months Later.


Today is exactly 18 months from my last chemotherapy treatment.  I thought that there might be some folks out there who wonder what 18 months worth of post-chemo hair growth looks like, so I snapped a picture.  That’s my “I have HAIR!” face.  I’ve also had, if I remember correctly, 5 haircuts, not including the few times that I shaved my head post chemo to get rid of that chemo clear fuzz.  Yes, my hair IS naturally curly, and yes, it was that way before chemo.

 Also, check out the noob.  What, you can’t tell which one it is?  Mission accomplished.  And speaking of the noob, while I am still not allowed to really exercise, the noob has it’s own regimen prescribed by Dr Grasee.  No, the noob isn’t on the elliptical or taking a zumba class.  Instead, I have to push it around twice a day.  As Dr G put it, I’m supposed to shove it “north, south, east and west.”  Sometimes I even sing it song while it works out, like maybe a little Matchbox 20 or Salt N Pepa. You know I’ve got a whole medley worked out of push themed tunes. 

 I’m sure you’re wondering why I have to exercise the noob.  Well, all expander/implant reconstructions have a risk of capsular contracture.  The body forms a capsule around the implant, just as it would with any foreign object, and that’s fine.  But sometimes, these capsules decide to turn to a life of crime.  And so they contract, and become hard and painful.  When that happens, the implant has to come out, and we start over from scratch.  Since I had radiation, I’m at increased risk for this.  Like, there’s a 50% chance this thing might go bad on me.  So, I have to exercise my noob twice a day as opposed to the standard once a day. 

 Mini Me finds the idea of noob exercises disturbing to say the least.  But then again, Mini Me is disturbed by a lot of this, especially my willingness to show the new construction off to my girlfriends.  At church a couple of weeks ago, Angie wanted to see the newpple.  So, I say come on into the bathroom and I’ll show you.  Mini Me started to follow me, because she hadn’t heard what I was actually doing.  Unfortunately, Hubster gave her a heads-up.  I think it would have been way funnier if she’d have come bopping into the restroom and then actually asked why Ang and I were in the handicapped stall together.

 Last but not least, check out my cool-beyond-words necklace, sent to me by Shirley in South Africa.  Is that not awesome?  I have the coolest readers.

6 Responses to “Hair I Am…18 Months Later.”

  1. Tanya Says:

    You look FAB! Fab I tell ya. Love the necklace, too, very cool.

  2. Mary Creger Says:

    wish my hair woulda stayed “post chemo” curly. instead i got thicker, whiter, very unruly spikes which,if kept halfway managable, demand frequent haircuts. It’s cheaper to be bald. You look beautiful with all those curls. And happy. ain’t it nice to be POST CHEMO and POST RADIATION? Ain’t it wonderful to be alive. Ain’t God good??? The necklace is great. The smile is greater!

  3. Ryan Says:

    So many junior HS smart-aleck remarks coming to mind, so little time!
    Seriously, you look great and I am glad you are doing so well!

  4. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Thanks, Tanya!

    Yes, Mary, it is fantabulous.

    Ryan—somethings never change, and you are one of those things.

  5. Caffeine Says:

    Moody foodie you look great! Keep it up! We have similar hairdos mine is a little longer. I am loving these curls, before chemo my hair was poker straight. It reminds me of the 80’s when I would get my perms. Love the necklace how fun.

  6. Michelle Says:

    Just wondering whether I should tell the kids about the noob or might that be too much for their little minds? We LOVE ze Foob magnets and other goodies too! =)

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