Come on Barbie, Let’s go Party…

After my last post, reader Lizz suggested that perhaps the talking object featured at the wisdom circle could be a Cancer Journey Barbie or Ken.  Well, Lizz, you’ll be happy to note that Mattel is right there on the cutting edge of wisdom circle accessories with Pink Ribbon Barbie.  


(I can’t believe no one submitted this back in October!)

 The description for our plastic pink ribbon pal reads as follows:

 “For more than 20 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has been leading the fight against breast cancer and now Barbie doll contributes to the cause. Wearing a pink gown with a signature pink ribbon pinned to her shoulder, Pink Ribbon Barbie doll is both a tool to help those affected with breast cancer talk to girls, and a way to support the cause!”

  See, Lizz, it even says right there that our friend Barbie is a TOOL to help those affected with breast cancer talk to girls.  Because, you know we’ve got all this pent up wisdom that just can’t get out without Barbie’s help. 

 However, I’m not quite sure that think Barbie should be all fancy like she is.  I think that sends the wrong message.  I mean, there they go making cancer look glamorous again.  Next thing you know girls will be trying to get The Cancer so they can look as cool as ol’ Pink Ribbon Barbie. 

 So, I’d like to suggest a more realistic Pink Ribbon Barbie.  Remember when you were little and you cut Barbie’s hair?  Well, that’s exactly what my hair looked like the day I had Hubster cut it off for Locks of Love, before we actually shaved it.  I think that’s the hair Pink Ribbon Barbie needs—not some Texas pageant hair like she’s got going on now.  And what’s with having two boobs?  Oh sure, they do kind of look like she’s got expanders, but if we’re trying to educate the youngsters, I think they need to know that sometimes The Cancer makes you have to have a boob lopped off.  Of course, we won’t let Barbie walk around lopsided, though.  She’ll need to have her own little foob and mastectomy bra. 

 Then there are the accessories.  Forget the Barbie Townhouse and the RV, Pink Ribbon Barbie needs the Barbie Breast MRI & Manicure Machine and the Barbie Radiation Station.  She’ll have a little tube of goop to put on her burnt chest and everything.  It’ll be great.  And don’t forget that Pink Ribbon Barbie mustn’t have any eyebrows, so she’ll have to come with a little pencil for drawing those on.  And of course, she’ll need an assortment of do rags and hats.  And a wig that looks just like B-52s hair—sold separately.

 I’m sure I’m missing something.  What else does The New Pink Ribbon Barbie need?

15 Responses to “Come on Barbie, Let’s go Party…”

  1. Tanya Says:

    She’s also missing the sexy little port-a-cath bump and scar. Go Barbie, it’s your party. My birthday is coming up, I’m so asking for one of these.

  2. Mary Creger Says:

    Well gee whiz I think that she needs a buncha kleenex to take care of the drippy chemo nose and maybe even something that will stop the bloody nose. And then she needs a buncha books to read on those nights that the steriods delivered with the chemo keep her awake and maybe even some kind of pain reliever for the bone ache. Then maybe she could use a compression sleeve and glove for the lymphedema she most surely will have after radiation wipes out the few nodes she has left and maybe something for the neuropathy too! although I am not sure that Mattel can sell controlled substances with their toys. Maybe the controlled substances can be sold seperately just as the B-52 wigs are.
    I was horrified when I saw the picture of good ol’ Barbie~~~a toy that I always hated anyway. Now I really hate her!

  3. Theresa Says:

    How about a pink emesis basin?

  4. Nicole Says:

    Somebody over at the Young Survival Coalition message board made a real breast cancer Barbie. Mastectomy and all. I wonder if I can find the link.

  5. Shirl Says:

    Do you think she should have the tell tale lump on her chest where the port was inserted after her veins collapsed from all the chemo?

    And then those rosy cheeks will have to go! To be replaced with the drained, faintly yellow tinge on her skin which goes so well with the pink outfit don’t you think?

  6. KNC Says:

    If we’re gonna go real here, could we have them add Barbie with the expanding waist line?

  7. Lizz Says:

    Oh-Oh She needs one of those stylish mastectomy swimsuits like you posted about. Complete with little skirt and flower print. (and a floppy hat or scarf to complete the look)

    Now that would be a stylin’ Swimsuit Barbie.


  8. The Moody Foodie Says:

    Hey Mary, I’m thinking that a compression sleeve is a great accessory, but in order for it to be realistic, Barbie needs to have one slender Barbie arm and one ginormous Ken arm. ‘Cause she’s got The Lymphadema, ya know.

    Theresa~ I totally had to google that. Then I was like, “Oh! I know what that is—just didn’t know it had some high falutin name.” (It’s that thing they give you to puke in at the hospital—not that anyone else is as ignorant as I am.)

    Nicole~ Please do post the link if you find it…that’d be awesome.

    Shirl~ You’re the second person to suggest a port—I hadn’t even thought of it because I didn’t have one.

    Yes, KNC, that’s another Barbie altogether, isn’t it? But really, chemo and rads made me gain weight, so it applies here as well.

    Good one, Lizz, and I was just thinking she needs nasty looking finger nails. I didn’t realize how gross mine had gotten until the good stuff started to grow back. Ick.

  9. Aftercancer Says:

    She needs a big fan and a prescription for an antidepressant to help her handle menopause symptoms during treatment. . No hormones for you dear. Also some steel wool to chew on to simulate that yummy metallic taste.

  10. sprucehillfarm Says:

    I think she should be bald with little scarves and bad wigs for assessories! Complete with port o cath, sweat pants, and an IV pump! 🙂
    My day to day life while kicking cancer’s butt

  11. Mike Says:

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  12. throwslikeagirl74 Says:

    I found a link. It’s bittersweet though because the woman who made it just recently passed away. *sigh* I remember her from the boards.

  13. Jamie Says:

    You people are ridiculous. You should feel embarrassed by the way you are replying to something so simple. This Barbie is only being used to spread the awareness. This Barbie was made to represent something devasting to many men and women in the world, breast cancer. No this Barbie isn’t realistic to the effects of breast cancer; but there is one thing, there is beauty in everything. God made everything beautiful. Even when we are having hard times, even when women who are beat down by breast cancer, this represents the beauty that is able to shine through in a bad situation. This Barbie was only to raise awareness, not to depict the actuality of breast cancer. Get real.

    • Tanya Says:

      Yes, Jamie, you are correct. There is beauty in everything. And as one of those women who has personally been through the devastation that is breast cancer, I find immense beauty in The Moody Foody’s humorous approach to what is MY reality. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

  14. French Nails Says:

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