Pink Ribbon Overload: Congratulations–You’ve Got the Cancer! Now Make a Wish…

Inspired by Cake Wrecks is today’s post—the pink ribbon cake.  Because really, isn’t a big, honkin’, buttercream slathered, pink ribbon shaped cake always the best way to congratulate someone on their cancer diagnosis? 

This picture came from a site where you buy the ribbon shaped pan.  You know what that means, right? You can make ’em any color you want!  So, for all you melanoma folks who are feeling left out because you can’t find any black ribbon products, you can now make your own.  Oh sure, TC, I realize it’s not quite as cool as the pink ribbon sock purse, but it’s a start.  And hey, if you don’t think you can finish that whole thing yourself, you can always split it with the Amish—it’s their awareness ribbon color, too.  Though I’m not quite sure I understand what that means. 

Or, you could make your very own orange ribbon cake, which symbolizes awareness for leukemia, feral cats, and work zone safety.  Really.  Google it.  Of course, you might end up right back here like all those pork fritter googlin’ folks.  Too bad pork fritters don’t have their own ribbon.