Pink Ribbon Overload: Because Cows Hate The Cancer, Too!


Boy, was I glad I had the camera with me at Big Lots yesterday, or else I wouldn’t have been able to share this with you.  Heh heh.  Sure, the packaging says they’re garden gloves, but we’re all thinking they remind us of something else, aren’t we?  Okay, on the count of three, I want everyone to say it out loud, and with feeling. 

 One.   Two.  Three.




An army of udders as a matter of fact.  How appropriate considering the subject matter. 


However, my first thought upon seeing this marvelous display was that perhaps they’re some sort of special equipment for doing those monthly breast self-exams.  What you really can’t appreciate from the picture is that the darker pink part on the fingers has this creepy, stringy, rubbery stuff that looks like a tumor sculpted out of bubble gum, and is apparently supposed to give the wearer a better grip.   I’m thinking that since it’s often advocated to do the ol’ BSE in the shower, this non-skid coating may be particularly handy.